Bright House Sanitization and Disinfection Services in Kochi

Sanitization and disinfection are two major aspects that need to be considered with high-priority when it comes to keeping the spaces around you or where you live in, germ and disease free. Especially with the onset of the pandemic like Covid-19, you are mandatorily required and expected to keep your surroundings a safer palace not just for your good health, but also for your family’s or others around you. Our Sanitization and disinfection services in Kochi focus on providing a complete solution that compliments your needs.

Unlike the process of cleaning or deep cleaning, sanitization and disinfection are aspects that require much more effective and prescribed procedures. Any solvent or any chemical cannot be used for the process. There are certain specifically permitted solvents and procedures that have to be used and followed which only a professional agency like ours knows and has the license to.

Bright House Sanitization and Disinfection processes makes sure that:

  • Your homes/office spaces are made safer and germ free
  • Only the permissible chemicals and solvents are used
  • We adhere to procedures and techniques as framed and practiced by us
  • We cater to your individual needs or special requests
  • We work flexibly
  • Our services are affordable
  • We give a clients a brief prior to the process

Sanitization and disinfection procedures are carried out for providing a healthy atmosphere and thus, shouldn’t turn harmful. Our disinfection processes consist of using the permitted chemicals (disinfectants) for the purpose of dealing with germs, bacteria and other disease causing microorganisms. The chemical agents used are handled with utmost care and diligence by our well-trained staff.

Our Disinfection and Sanitization Process Includes:

The disinfection process is performed to curb the presence of germs and viruses and to possibly remove them off the surface or area completely. Our sanitization and disinfection services in Kochi, have been providing these services to various households and commercial enterprises for so many years now.

Bright House, Kochi’s sanitization services are always a favourite amongst our clients. Our client lists includes both individuals and commercial undertakings, who repeatedly come back to us for our exceptional service and affordable pricing.

Sanitization and disinfection services in Ernakulam, has got a makeover since we had marked our presence in this industry. Our stellar programs and quality procedures have undoubtedly set a classic example for others to look upto.

Bright house’s sanitization procedures are carefully planned keeping in mind the health and safety of our clients. Apart from the motive of getting rid of the harmful viruses, our procedures are aimed at considering safety protocols that directly affect human health otherwise.

Sanitization is the next step that is performed following the cleaning process. Thus, you can conveniently book a cleaning or deep cleaning services with us followed by a sanitization process for better results. Only a professional agency like ours has the knowledge, experience and expertise to carry out the sanitization process in an effective manner. Use of the right chemicals at the right place is a major aspect. Sanitization helps in killing the viruses and has to be performed aptly, which only a professional like us know.

Effective steps for sanitization and disinfection that Bright House, Kochi follows are:

  • We use only the permitted chemicals and solvents that are not hazardous and don’t cause any threat to the environment and your health.
  • We follow the product’s directions and always ensure to follow “use sites” and “surface types” making sure to use the product only at the prescribed areas or surfaces.
  • We mandatorily follow the instructions on the “precautionary statements” of our products.
  • We make sure that the surface or area is pre-cleaned, making it visibly hygienic and making it ready to undergo the disinfection process.
  • Our staff follows the contact time period that is required for the product to remain on the surface for complete and effective results.
  • We always follow the safety protocols which are deemed necessary for everyone’s safety. Our clients and our staff, all of their safety is taken into account throughout the process.
  • Our staff make sure to wear the disposable gloves during the course of the process.
  • Finally, we make sure that the area is cleared off and made available to our clients for use, back to normal.

Sanitization and disinfection services in Cochin have seen a rise in demand since the inception of the COVID 19. It is essential that we keep our premises and areas we live or work germ free so that we don’t get diseased. This doesn’t only apply during this Covid times, but otherwise also.

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The population is increasing vastly and so are the activities and movements around us. How sure can we be of not getting ill? Similar to personal hygiene and wellness, it is equally important to make sure that our surrounding spaces are also made sanitized and disinfected. So, get connected with BrightHouse for effective Sanitization and Disinfection Services in Kochi.