Bright House Staffing Pvt Ltd- Ernakulam & Kottayam , Kerala.

Bright House Staffing Pvt Ltd is a professional housekeeping agency that offers high-quality domestic cleaning service in Kerala. We are in the industry since 1999, and ever since we evolved to the changing requirements of the world. We specialize in providing domestic cleaners to private homes and office cleaning services to local businesses. Bright House promise to deliver the best of cleaning services with state-of-the-art technology and best people who can customize the work according to demands.

Bright House Staffing Pvt Ltd provides housekeeping services for Multinational Companies, Banks, Corporate Offices, IT Companies, Industrial Units, Hospitals, Hotels, Apartments, Schools, Colleges, Malls and Independent residences, etc. with advanced techniques and professional staff for a pleasant working environment.

Our staff is highly motivated, professionally trained, dedicated individuals with a vested interest in ensuring your requirements are met every time they make a visit.It isa competitive market out there and it is important for every business to focus on their strength and weaknesses; get their work completed via professional agencies. We provide you the right services so that you can focus on better things. Bright House Staffing Pvt Ltd Cleaning Services team can take any facility management services requirement as they are rigorously trained through various training programs and comply with all statutory rules and regulations

.“A clean environment not only ensures your health and hygiene, but it also induces positivity”

Dependable Security Services for The Fast World

We also deliver top-notch security services that meets the fast-paced life of the modern world. In real-world conditions, we offer dependable and quality security services that has a proven track record around the state. For all your security requirements, ring us up anytime.

Vision & Mission of Bright House Staffing Pvt Ltd Cochin:

You can definitely count on us for any kind of house cleaning services that you require at Ernakulam. Our housekeeping services in Kochi, Kerala is designed in a manner to cover all areas of your home. We care for every nook and corner of your house and promise to make them clean and germ free.

“Our aim is to provide you a healthy living space and our team anticipates any kind of client challenges and proactively deploy solutions in a timely manner”.

We incorporate technology into our solutions to better meet our clients’ high standards for performance, quality, efficiency, and transparency.

Why to Choose Bright House Staffing Pvt Ltd for Cleaning Homes and Offices?

We train our cleaning staffs for professionalism in attitude and meticulousness in work. We understand how important your home/office is to you. Hence, we take care of your instructions regarding the dos and don’ts and then we customize our tasks accordingly. Our cleaning services in Kochi are budget friendly, and we aim at providing highly efficient solutions at affordable pricing. Our housekeeping services are curated in a manner to provide you the best possible experience.